Noscomed distributes premium quality medical products from international companies to the aesthetic market in Scandinavia, for the purpose of improving people’s quality of life.

Your Patients – Our Concern is our motto, and we strive to ensure that the products we distribute are the best in their field. Using the skills and knowledge required to sell and service such products, we provide qualified information to practitioners to ensure safe and correct product use, and support their expertise to optimise patient results.

Our head office is located in the ambassador district in Østerbro in Copenhagen. From here, we run a professional customer service and logistical department and an experienced and competent marketing department, both of which support the customers and patients who come into contact with our products. The organisation also comprises professional product specialists and a sales manager, who work across Scandinavia to maintain a close and personal contact with our customers. They also plan and attend clinic events, with the aim of optimising and strengthening sales to patients.

Noscomed is known for distributing premium quality products and for delivering excellent and reliable customer service from a team that cares about customers, their patients and their clients. These are the two main rationales for our success and our guarantee to suppliers. We are constantly looking for new, innovative and clinically-documented products to expand our portfolio with products from companies that share our values and who want to be a long-term partner with the mutual goal of improving quality of life.

Pauline Sell Hellmann
Pauline Sell HellmannFounder and owner

Noscomed’s history

Noscomed was founded in 1990 as a sustainable and customer-oriented company under the name Pro-Meduc Group A/S. The company began by distributing breast implants from Mentor, which are produced by American company Johnson & Johnson, and orthopaedic pulse lavage systems for the Danish market. In line with the company’s development and growth, the portfolio expanded to include liposuction equipment, compression garments, plastic surgery instruments, lasers and cosmeceuticals. In 2007 we entered a partnership with American manufacturer Innovative Skincare from Los Angeles, and began distributing cosmeceuticals from iS CLINICAL. In the same year, we changed our name from Pro-Meduc Group A/S to Noscomed Medical Supply A/S, a name that better reflects our passion for knowledge of our products. ‘Noscomed’ is made up of the Latin word Nosco, which means getting to know, and med, the abbreviation for the medical equipment we work with.

With Noscomed’s launch in the Swedish market in 2012 and the Norwegian market in 2015, the company was represented across Scandinavia.

Noscomed’s most recent partnership was entered into in 2016 with Merz Pharma Group, a German pharmaceutical company that is particularly active in research, development and distribution of innovative products in the aesthetic world. From here, we distribute the entire Merz Aesthetics portfolio , which consists of minimally invasive, aesthetic products such as the dermal fillers Belotero and Radiesse, the ultrasound treatment Ultherapy and the toxin Bocouture, which is currently only available on the Swedish market. The partnership with Merz thus gave Noscomed a complete range of innovative products and a large aesthetic portfolio for the Scandinavian market.

Trendsetters and specialists

Noscomed strives to be a trendsetter in the aesthetic market in Scandinavia and, over time, has paved the way for many new innovative products. Noscomed was one of the first companies to distribute HA fillers in Scandinavia and the first to introduce innovative facial lifting products and cosmeceutical products.
With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, we have a solid background for selecting innovative and clinically documented products, and are specialists in the following areas:

  • Plastic surgery (implants, surgical equipment)
  • Cosmeceuticals (skincare)
  • Injection products  (fillers and toxins)
  • Support products for the above  (pre/post care)

Privacy Policy

Our privacy and personal data policy is summarized in order to better inform you as a customer about which personal data Noscomed Medical Supply A / S processes and how we process them – personal data must be understood as all personally identifiable data. Our privacy policy can be downloaded here.