After the operation

We sell a range of garments, compression stockings, stomach belts and protective covers for use following plastic surgery, such as liposuction and breast enlargement or reductive surgery. All our products come from exclusive market leaders in compression garments: The Spanish VOE (only on the Danish market) and the luxurious Italian Gloria.

Compression garments

We sell a number of support bras, chest bands and garments from Spanish company VOE for use following breast surgery.

Support bras

Support bras from VOE are for use following breast surgery. The support bras are designed to make the postoperative period more comfortable, and also help keep implants in place.

Chest bands

VOE’s one-sized chest band fits all and is ideal for keeping breast implants in place in the postoperative period following breast enlargement surgery or breast lifts with implants.

Liposuction garments

Liposuction garments from VOE are designed for use in the postoperative period. The garments are made from breathable and durable multi-elastic material, making them comfortable to wear for longer periods. VOE’s liposuction garments include bodyshapers, stomach belts and arm and back garments.

Facial garments

The facial garments from VOE are designed for use following facial surgery such as face-lifts. They are made from a breathable, lightweight material that fits the shape of the head. Their Velcro fastening adapts to fit all sizes.

Compression therapy

We sell exclusive compression stockings and stomach belts from Italian company Gloria.

Compression stockings

We sell Gloria’s exclusive compression stockings for swollen legs, which are also effective for people who work in a standing position and for long flights. The stockings come in several models for both men and women, and can also be worn as normal stockings.

Stomach belts

We sell stomach belts from Gloria for use following abdominal surgery, such as liposuction, hernias or C-sections, where the abdominal area requires support.


We also sell protective covers, which make life with a bandage or plaster on the arms or legs much easier as they provide 100% waterproof protection when bathing. Simply pull AquaProtect over the bandage. No need for extra elastic or tape.

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For more than 20 years, the Spanish company VOE has specialised in the production of compression garments for plastic surgery and is now the market leader in this field.

Italian company Gloria develops and makes products for compression therapy. The company dates right back to 1895.