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In this changing age of insta beauty, young women need to look selfie-ready at all times. Living healthily, fitness classes and the latest food trends only go so far.
While beauty standards have never been higher
In social media especially it is important to look young and flawless. At the same time, being young means living young, which may lead to tired and dull skin.
Your next request might well be from a young patient who does not want a drastic transformation
Instead, they might request a natural-looking boost to their skin’s firmness and elasticity, as they fear a change that might look fake. More than anything, they want to take care of their skin, and save its luster from fading. Prevention and early intervention is key.


You know the importance of moisture to skin, even among younger patients. And yet their way of living and natural effects of aging both work to wear t heir skin down. What is needed is a solut ion that is not drastic but still effective.
BELOTERO® Revive does all that

Improves skin hydration1 | Redefines skin texture1 | Boosts skin quality1 | Fills depressions due to facial athrophic scars4 | Smoothens the skin1 | Reduces redness1

Hydration is a key feature of a healthy skin. BELOTERO® Revive improves skin moisturisation thanks to the glycerol in it and its hygroscopic properties.4 Glycerol is an effective humectant, as it promotes water absorption from the dermis to the stratum corneum – providing moisture from the inside out.2, 3 The other key ingredient, hyaluronic acid, contributes to the filler‘s quality while giving the skin a more radiant, young appearance.5 Only BELOTERO® Revive currently offers the unique combination of these two ingredients.4 Revive: A UNIQUE COMBINATION of cross-linked HA and Glycerol.4

Cross-linked HA contents 20 mg/ml
Glycerol contents 17.5 mg/ml
Phosphate buffer pH 7 q.s. 1.0 ml
Needle 2x 30 G ½ Needle
Volume of gel per syringe 1.0 ml


BELOTERO Revive is considered to be an effective and safe HA injectable for skin revitalization in patients suffering from signs of skin aging and loss of skin elasticity. It seems to be a perfect early intervention approach in patients that do not need volumizing treatment and a combination approach in older patients with more pronounced aging.

See the full BELOVE study here


The technique
Recommended injection techniques are linear or serial threading, fanning, cross-hatching or serial puncture. BELOTERO® Revive can be used for all Fitzpatrick skin types. The injected quantity depends on the area to be corrected.4
Injection depth & sessions
Superficial dermis:
Facial atrophic scars, photo-damaged skin and fine facial lines in one treatment session.4
Mid to deep dermis:
Improvement of the elasticity or firmness of skin in three sessions four weeks apart.4

The skin being revived

The technology that revives their skin

Cohesive Polydensified Matrix

BELOTERO® Revive is defined by its CPM technology, as it gives the HA filler the unique rheological qualities that influence how it behaves during and after injection. The BELOTERO® range relies on dynamic cross-linking technology (DCLT) including two additional phases that balance the elasticity, cohesivity and plasticity – tailored to each targetted landmark and depth. This enables BELOTERO® fillers to achieve treatment goals and optimise tissue integration.6

Standard cross-linking

Phase 1
Hyaluronic acid in its original
form (single chains, random
coil structure).

Phase 2
Linearization of the individual
hyaluronic acid chains:
the random coil structure untangles.

Phase 3
First hyaluronic acid cross-linking
process with BDDE:
a cellular monophasic gel emerges.

Patented dynamic cross-linking technology (DCLT)7

Phase 4
Expansion of the gel that was
created in the cross-linking process.

Phase 5
Second cross-linking process,
supplemented with additional
non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

Multiple density zones – how product behaves in skin after injection6

Skin hydration

Skin redness


As creator of BELOTERO® Revive, Merz has enjoyed long-standing success in the field of skin aesthetics. Learn more about our mission and full range of products that includes a wider selection of fillers which can correct imbalances and facial volume loss, define contours, lift, volumize, fill lines and wrinkles.

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