The Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics (MIAA) is an expert-led training organisation that gives practitioners unrivalled academic training and practical skills. Courses are available for all practitioners. A course from the Merz Institute for Advanced Aesthetics will give you the clinical skills and the knowledge and confidence to develop your own practice, and thus enable you to give your patients the best treatment and care. Research shows that a doctor’s ‘credibility and medical expertise’ are key criteria when choosing a clinic. This fact highlights the importance of staying on top of training if you want to remain competitive in the aesthetic industry.

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Training at the Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics is the difference between average and excellent, and is worthwhile in many ways:

  • It enables you to provide the best cosmetic result and tolerability
  • Keeps you abreast of the latest developments in aesthetics
  • Expands your application area thanks to increased confidence
  • Helps you grow your company

Below is a list of the different areas that have courses: Click on the text for more information.

Facial anatomy and ageing

Ground knowledge and understanding of facial anatomy is essential to providing a safe and effective aesthetic practice. This module covers detailed facial anatomy, from the bones of the face to the muscles, nerves, vasculature and fat compartments.

Clinical practice

This course covers all you need to know to optimise outcomes such as pre-treatment considerations, facial mapping, scales, photo documentation and ethical considerations such as informed consent, mental health aspects and legal questions.

CME-certified courses

With MIAA’s online CME-certified courses, you have the opportunity to earn CME points through high quality courses with an objective content, which you can easily reached anytime and anywhere. The courses are validated and approved by The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) – the main accreditation organisation for CME courses.

The Merz Aesthetics portfolio

Experience Merz Aesthetics’s portfolio of products and procedures. They can be used both individually or as complementary therapies, and cover a complete range of aesthetic needs. All products are based on scientific research and are trusted globally by aesthetic doctors.