Miscellaneous implants

We sell a number of implants from American companies Spectrum Designs Medical and Implantech.


Spectrum Designs Medical

We sell mainly facial implants from American company Spectrum Designs Medical. We have a wide range that includes e.g.: facial implants, gluteal implants, and calf implants.

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We sell face implants from Californian Implantech, a company that specialises in facial implants that are designed by respected leaders in plastic surgery. The implants are made from solid materials for both cosmetic and reconstruction treatments.

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Spectrum Designs Medical is an American developer, manufacturer and distributor of solid silicone facial implants and special body contouring implants for plastic and reproduction surgery.

For over twenty years Implantech has been producing facial implants for the cosmetic surgery market. Their silicone implants are designed by leading surgeons, and the company is the only facial implant manufacturer to use computer technology as part of their design and production process.