Surgical equipment

We have a wide range of safety-related products from British manufacturer Purple Surgical for surgical staff who come into frequent contact with sharp objects as part of their job.

Needle counters

Sterile needle counters are an important and functional tool for staying safe during operations. Our wide range ensures that we have needle counters to match almost any operation.

We provide permanent light handles for the surgical theatre. They suit most makes of light and have a matching sterile disposable cover, which places easily and elegantly over the handle.

We sell magnet mats designed to keep instruments in order and to serve as a neutrazone to avoid injuries from stabs and cuts. They are particularly suitable for use on the actual operating table. Securing the instruments in one place protects all parties from sharp objects during the operation. The mats are available for both single and multiple use.

We sell a range of sterile skin markers. The pen nibs come in different thicknesses. We also have a pen that is thick in one end and thin in the other.

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Purple Surgical is a well-known British manufacturer of medical equipment and instruments. With over 100 years’ experience in the health sector, they provide high quality and cost-effective equipment that meets the needs of the current and changing health sector.