Wound care

We sell a range of products from American manufacturer Derma Sciences Inc., which is an internationally known manufacturer within wound care.


We sell a number of skin-coloured suture strips, known for their flexible properties and multiple applications.

Suture Strip Plus

Suture Strip Plus med maksimal dynamisk adhærens er et latexfrit premium sårlukningsbånd, der giver overlegen sårsikkerhed. Det er lavet af makroporøs ikke-vævet polyamid med trykfølsomt klæbemiddel. Suture Strip Plus er ideel til primær lukning såvel som tidlig suturfjernelse.

Suture Strips

Suture Strip med dynamisk adhærens er et latexfrit økonomisk sårlukkebånd, der er lavet af samme ikke-vævede materiale som Suture Strip Plus, men har mindre initial flex.

Nasal tube strips

We sell H-shaped plasters in several sizes for use with nasal tubes.

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Derma Sciences Inc. is an American tissue regeneration company, which is a leading company in research and innovation of acute and chronic wounds and burns, helping practitioners across the world to improve clinical results. Their products are founded on thoroughly proven medical research.