About Noscomed

Noscomed is a European aesthetic company which operates and distributes premium quality medical products and cosmeceuticals from international companies to the aesthetic market. We are active in larger parts of Europe, including the Nordic region with the purpose of improving people’s quality of life.

Your Patients – Our Concern is our motto, and we strive to ensure that the products we distribute are the best in their field. Using the skills and knowledge required to sell and service such products, we provide qualified information to practitioners to ensure safe and correct product use, as well as support their expertise to optimize patient results.

Our head office is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Noscomed is known for distributing premium quality products and delivering excellent and reliable customer service from a team that cares about customers, their patients and their clients. These are the two main rationales for our success and our guarantee to suppliers. We are constantly looking for new, innovative and clinically-documented products to expand our portfolio with products from companies that share our values and who want to be a long-term partner with the mutual goal of improving quality of life.

Pauline Sell Hellmann

Founder and owner

History of Noscomed


Noscomed was founded in 1990 as a sustainable, customer-oriented company under the name Pro-Meduc Group A/S. The company started distributing breast implants from Mentor, produced by American company Johnson & Johnson, and orthopedic pulse lavage systems for the Danish market.

In line with the company’s development and growth, the portfolio expanded to include liposuction equipment, compression garments, plastic surgery instruments, lasers and cosmeceuticals.

In 2007 we engaged in a partnership with American manufacturer Innovative Skincare based out of Los Angeles, and began distributing cosmeceuticals from iS CLINICAL. In the same year, we changed our name from Pro-Meduc Group A/S to Noscomed Medical Supply A/S, a name that more suitably reflects our passion for knowledge of our products. The origin of our name “Noscomed” is the Latin word Nosco, meaning getting to know, as well as med, the abbreviation for the medical equipment we work with.

With Noscomed’s launch in the Swedish market in 2012 and the Norwegian market in 2015, the company was represented across Scandinavia. In recent years we have expanded across Europe and are now operating in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria and plan to further expand our portfolio and presence.

Noscomed’s most recent partnership was entered in 2016 with Merz Pharma Group, a German pharmaceutical company that is particularly active in research, development and distribution of innovative products in the aesthetic world. From here, we distribute the entire Merz Aesthetics portfolio , which consists of minimally invasive, aesthetic products, such as the dermal fillers Belotero and Radiesse, the ultrasound treatment Ultherapy and the toxin Bocouture.

Thus, through the partnership with Merz, Noscomed secured a complete range of innovative products and a large aesthetic portfolio for the benefit of our clients and patients.

Vision and Values

Our core business is based on the distribution of the Best In Class, high quality medical equipment and products for the aesthetic market across Europe.
We strive to add value to the products we distribute in the form of a high level of service and professional knowledge sharing, to give optimum results to patients and customers.

Our product portfolio is based upon a robust review process, thus securing that the products we distribute only come from responsible manufacturers who can support their products with excellent documentation and an honest approach to their business. Our 30+ years’ experience in the aesthetic and dermatological industry has given us a strong background for selecting these. Quality, innovation and precision are our key words. All our actions reflect a desire to make a positive difference for those in contact with us. Hence our basic philosophy: Your Patients – Our Concern.

Working with Noscomed

As a distributer, we operate as a business-to-business company (B2B), with the manufacturer and supplier on one side, and the surgeons, doctors, nurses, cosmetologists and buyers on the other. Via our motto Your Patients – Our Concern, we ensure that we, as a distributor share responsibility for optimizing patient conditions.

We take pride in placing significant resources behind new business activities and products, which involves in-depth training on brands and products, as well as strong, effective business plans for a mutually successful collaboration.

Our ambition is to be a trendsetter in the European aesthetic market, as well as be a preferred partner to suppliers and customers across the entire range of aesthetics. Our focus on loyalty means that our average partnership with suppliers is 16+ years.

Meet our management

Pauline Sell Hellmann

Pauline Sell Hellmann

Founder and owner

Jakob Mohr Christensen

Jakob Mohr Christensen


Sanne Wall-Gremstrup

Sanne Wall-Gremstrup

Chairman of the board

Noscomed Aesthetic Institute

The Noscomed Aesthetic Institute is an exclusive programme of courses that gives treatment providers the opportunity to improve their knowledge and techniques in the aesthetic field. The courses focus on everything from injection technique, indications for injections, product reviews, anatomy and physiology to hands-on training. They are split from basic to advanced and are delivered by professional trainers.

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