About Möller Medical and Strim

Liposuction equipment

High quality equipment for liposuction and lipofilling

We sell a number of different types of liposuction equipment from Möller Medical. We sell fat removal equipment, hypodermic cannulas, and lipofilling equipment. We also sell individual sterile packages for microfat transfer from St’rim.

St’rim is a procedure pack made by Thiebaud Biomedical Devices, suitable for micro fat transfer techniques

Möller Medical Workstation is the power assisted liposuction system, Vacusat PRO – Liposat PRO PLUS / PRO – Vibrasat PRO for both liposuction and lipofilling, included a wide portfolio of cannulas from the German Manufacturer, Möller Medical

The Strim Kits are well known and requested among surgeons and Noscomed offers a wide portfolio of cannulas from the French company Strim Health Care.

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